It is possible to buy prints and downloads. Prints are very straight forward, but you should read the part below about resolution. Sizes in this site is in inches unless stated otherwise, for users that want to now the sizes in centimeters, plese multiply the size of the imgae by 2.56, this will give the acutal size in centimeters.

If you want to buy a print pleas press the green "BUY" button in the lower right corner when looking at an image.


There are two ways of ordering downloads, either as a single file or a "Album Download", album download allows you to download all the files at a fraction of the cost compared to buying all the files as single images.

When downloading a single image, just press the green "BUY" button in the lower right. In the windows that opens you have to choose the "Downloads" option, shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to do a "Gallery Download", press the green "BUY" button and choose "Buy Gallery Download" as shown in the image below.


Viewing Distance (inches) Viewing Distance
Resolution ppi
Image is 2000 px high gives this height (inches) Image is 2000 px high gives this height (cm)
24 61 286 7 18
36 91 191 10 27
60 152 115 17 44
120 305 57 35 89
600 1524 11 182 462

Before ordering it is important to make sure the image resolution is high enough for your intended print size.

To be able to decide on how big an image can be printed with good results please read this page.

The -maximum- resolving power of the eye is about 60 lines per degree. That means that in bright light you should be able to resolve 60 black/white line pairs over an angular distance of a degree. 
Note - If you are not familiar with thinking of things in degrees, remember that the diameter of the full moon is about half a degree.
The table above (originally from the DigitalWorkflow Yahoo group) gives an idea of the maximum resolution at various distances.
Remember that this is for very high contrast at optimal lighting - not your print of a photo hanging on the wall. (These values could easily be halved for 'average' or poor viewing conditions.)

The formula is ppi = 1/((distance in inches x 0.000291) / 2)

When looking at an image there is a small encircled "i", just to the left of the "Buy" button in the bottom right. Click it an note the "Size" of the image. It may read for example 2999 x 2000. 

Use the size in pixels to find the maximum good quality print size like this:
1. Decide on the what the viewing distance is and note it.  For example 24 inches or 61 cm.
2. Find the "Resolution ppi (output) value in the table above. For the example is 286.
3. Look at the size in pixels of your intended image. For example, 2999x2000px.
4. Divide the pixels of the width or height by the "Resolution ppi". For example:  2000 px high / 286 dpi = 7 inches.  (For cm multiply with 2.56) 7x2.56 = 18 cm

For this example with an image 2000 pixels high, it is possible to print images of good quality at sizes up to 7 inches or 18 cm high, if the viewing distance is 24 inches or 61 cm or more.

If the viewing distance is increased to 60 inches or 1.5 meter, it is possible to print the same image 35 inches or 44 cm high with good quality according to the table below.

So, please make sure the image resolution is high enough for your intended print!

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